Monte Dolack Fine Art

Western Bling

By Stephanie Davis

Year: Default Title


This C.D. by Stephanie Davis features old time country western music. The cover art is Night of the Shooting Stars by Monte Dolack. Stephanie is known for her work with Garrison Keillor and the Prairie Home Companion radio show.

"Hot dang! After two long years in the making, the first two volumes of our Western series, Western Bliss and Western Bling are here! Featuring Stephanie’s extraordinarily unique and soulful vocals, both projects include an amazing array of rare and classic western, swing, western swing, standards, and even the new original theme song to Stephanie's upcoming “Trail’s End Ranch Radio” show. Ace guitarist Rich O'Brien leads an all-star lineup of Texas musicians, and collector-quality cover art by Montana’s incredible Monte Dolack make this a  series you’ll want to collect and display. Absolute artistry--a must-have for music lovers everywhere!"



Monte Dolack Fine Art — features the art work of Montana artists Monte Dolack and Mary Beth Percival.