Monte Dolack Fine Art

Tree of Life

By Monte Dolack

Image size: 18.875" x 17"
Edition size: 200
Year: 2005

The Tree of Life is described in world religions and mythologies including those recorded in the locations of ancient Egypt, Assyria, China, Europe, Georgia, Mesoamerica, North America as well as in the belief systems of Buddhism, Christianity, Hindu, Islam, Judaism, Paganism and Norse.

The concept of the tree of life has also been used in the biological sciences to describe evolutionary descent by Charles Darwin and the tree of life is seen in the universal vascular branching on every human placenta.

Often, what we share that is in common with others is less obvious than that which divides us.

The vibrantly colored Tree of Life by Monte Dolack is a limited edition print which demonstrates the concept that many animals depend on the white bark pine and gather around her for food; however, the tree itself is endangered...

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