Monte Dolack Fine Art

The Return (of the American Bison) Print

By Monte Dolack

Image size: 15 x 20"
Edition size: 100
Year: 2016

The Return is a limited edition of 100 signed and numbered archival digital prints reproduced from an original acrylic on panel painting. This iconic design is printed on heavyweight 100% rag Museo max paper with archival inks.
This special release of the print was announced on November 5th, National Bison Day 2016.  The print celebrates the designation of the American Bison as the national mammal.

Read more about the Bison Legacy Act:
On November 2nd 2016, during a ceremony at the Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota, the American bison were designated as the national mammal of the United States.
This designation was the outcome of the National Bison Legacy Act which was signed into law in May 2016 by President Barack Obama.
The intent of the designation is to bring more awareness and support to the cause of reviving and conserving bison.
Jim Stone, executive director of the InterTribal Buffalo Council, hopes greater awareness will lead to education about the importance of the buffalo to Native American peoples. The quote below is from the Rapid City Journal November 2nd 2016:
“The creation stories really lay out that relationship (between buffalo and Native peoples),” Stone said. “The buffalo brought the human from below the surface to the Earth with some covenants made — that they would provide everything for us and in return we would treat them with respect and honor. As long as either of us exists that relationship still exists. As tribal people we really have a role in looking after the buffalo.”
Stone said he hopes that making the buffalo a national symbol will create an avenue for education and discourse about the concerns of his people.
“It allows for a greater platform for having the conversations and allows for education and outreach and getting people to understand,” he said. “There’s something that exists in our view of the animal that doesn’t exist in (federal systems).”

The first Saturday in November has been named National Bison Day; this year it is today, November 5th 2016.

The study for the original painting may be viewed by clicking the link below:




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