Monte Dolack Fine Art

Temple Moon

By Monte Dolack

Image size: 12X15
Edition size: 100
Year: 2012

This limited edition archival digital print was reproduced from an original acrylic painting in an edition of 100. The prints are 12 x 15" and are digitally printed with archival inks on heavy fine art Museo Max paper.

"On a beautiful full moon evening I visited the Temple of Philae while touring in southern Egypt in the autumn of 2009. Located on the island of Agilika on Lake Nasser the temple was dedicated to the Mistress of Magic the goddess Isis, the most famous goddess of ancient Egypt. Cleopatra worshipped at this temple after it was completed by her father Ptolemy XII.

I was allowed to wander around the temple grounds a bit at night and get some remarkable views. I managed to take a few photos to base my painting upon which I completed back in my Montana studio. In the painting you can witness the Full moon rising over  the  varied columns of Trajan’s Kiosk as a flock of Egrets fly across the dark Nile waters toward the twinkling lights of  nearby Aswan."

Monte Dolack

January 3, 2012



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