Monte Dolack Fine Art

Saucers Over the Big Stack

By Monte Dolack

Image size: 20.5" x 14"
Paper size: 28" x 18"
Year: 1990


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This poster portrays the big stack of the Great Falls Smelter that dominated the landscape of this Montana town for over 80 years.

In this mysterious rendering of the smelter, a couple step out of their red 1959 Deluxe Plymouth Fury Convertible to observe some UFOs hovering in a dusky sky.

The big stack was destroyed in 1982 beacuse it was reportedly weak enough to pose a safety hazard; for a visual on how the stack came down see Monte's painting Western Deconstructionism.



Monte Dolack Fine Art — features the art work of Montana artists Monte Dolack and Mary Beth Percival.