Monte Dolack Fine Art

Last Benefit Kegger - Alexis

By Monte Dolack

Image size: 15" x 11.5"
Year: 1977
Paper size: 19.5" x 14"

This poster, for the 6th annual Aber Day Kegger, features a flower child-type woman surrounded by wildflowers, and wheat. The Aber Day Kegger was held every year from 1972-1979 to raise money for the University of Montana library. For an $8 admission ticket, you got all the beer you could drink (from the Guinness Book of World Records-holding 100+ kegs), as well as hear popular blue grass and rock bands like Bonnie Raitt and the Mission Mountain Wood Band. Click here to view the other available kegger poster. Montana PBS created a documentary about the Aber day Keggers.

 This poster is only available signed.




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