Monte Dolack Fine Art

Home on the Reef - Note card

By Monte Dolack

Image size: 5" X 7"
Year: 1994

This note card is also available as a poster. which was reproduced from an acrylic painting. This image portrays different species of tropical a mid-century Hawaiian style living room with bamboo furniture upholstered with a palm motif bark cloth. One of the books on the table is Jacques Cousteau's, The Ocean World. A Hawaiian beauty serenades the tropical fish from a picture on the wall.The orange fish coming through the window is a Miniatus grouper. The triangular shaped fish in front of the picture is a Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Picasso triggerfish. The black, white and yellow fish swimming to the right are Moorish Idols. Under the table are yellow tangs.  The black and white striped fish by the corn plant are convict tangs.The fish swimming out the window are sailfin flying fish. The green fish the dark fins by the hula girl lamp is a queen triggerfish. Below is a Parrot fish.This magical and whimsical piece celebrates the time that Monte and Mary Beth spent in Hawaii This is a tropical version of the other Invader Series pieces that Monte has created.

All note cards are printed on recycled paper with soy based inks. Note cards come boxed in sets of six cards with white envelopes made from recycled paper.


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