Monte Dolack Fine Art

Heron & Wolf - Note card

By Monte Dolack

Notecard size: 5" X 7"
Year: 1995

This card was reproduced from an original hand-colored lithograph. This is the story of this image:

One day a wolf got a bone stuck in his throat. He was unable to dislodge it and so he went around asking for someone to pull it out. Finally a crane offered to help. He stuck his long bill down the wolf's throat and extracted the bone.  Feeling self-important, the heron asked for a reward. The wolf said, "You are lucky I didn't bite your head off. That is all the reward you get."
Story adapted from Aesop's Fable, The Wolf and the Crane.



Monte Dolack Fine Art, features the art work of Montana Artists Monte Dolack and Mary Beth Percival.