Monte Dolack Fine Art


By Monte Dolack

Image size: 20"X15"
Title: Goddess
Year: 2015


This rich and vibrant image is a beautiful tribute to the significance of the Goddess in mythology, history and culture.

Image Key

Top Left – Artemis or Diana, goddess of the hunt her symbol is the crescent moon she wears on her headdress.

Nut the Egyptian Sky Goddess

Parvati wife of Shiva in Hindu Mythology and goddess of Love, fertility and devotion

Right Side –African Goddess,

Coin, Demeter from Greek Mythology,

Aphrodite or Venus, goddess of love

Bottom Right -Egyptian Cat, Isis

Venus of Willendorf, Paleolithic goddess of fertility

Nefertiti wife of Akhenaten, Egyptian Monotheistic King

Egyptian winged goddess in center

Europa on mother Earth

Coin the baby owl of Athena or Minerva symbolizing wisdom

Bottom Left – Marilyn Monroe a contemporary cinematic sex goddess

A courtesan from a Ukiyo-e woodblock print circa 1850 Japan

Middle Left – The statue of Liberty carrying the torch of freedom

Cycladic female figure approx. 3000 BC



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