Monte Dolack Fine Art

Four Miles from Ear Mountain

By Monte Dolack

Image size: 9" x 12"
Frame size: 23" x 20"
Year: 2014


This acrylic on panel original painting is by Monte Dolack This painting is archivally framed in a linen wrap. To view an image of the frame, please contact the gallery at 1-406-549-3248 and to arrange shipping of original art.  In certain cases there may be additional shipping charges.

The piece is based off a poem titled Four Miles from Ear Mountain by A.B Guthrie in 1986.


Four Miles from Ear Mountain

Ear Mountain stands four miles away,

crow-flight, from our house.

No day passes but I gaze on it

as my father did when I was young.

I see him looking out the window west,

his eyes fixed and his body still.

Restive, he found peace there perhaps.

or in it some continuation of himself,

some promise of foreverness.

I did not know his thoughts,

Nor am I clear about my own

as its lift invites my eye,

and somehow I am part of it,

a mortal partner to eternity.





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