Monte Dolack Fine Art

Dance of the Sandhill

By Montana Mandolin Society

Year: 2006


Dance of the Sandhill is the fourth CD produced by The Montana Mandolin Society, an internationally recognized mandolin chamber ensemble. The Montana Mandolin Society is known for its ‘Montana Sound’, a unique combination of mandolin family instruments and acoustic material. The Society tours Nationally, has been featured on NPR,’s All Things Considered and has performed at the Kennedy Center.

Dance of the Sandhill
is a musical metaphor honoring the inspiring ritual act of cranes dancing. A trip to Japan where cranes symbolize longevity, beauty, and grace was the inspiration for Dennis White to compose the title song. Both White and Monte Dolack were inspired by the Japanese experience resulting in the perfect pairing of cover art and music for the album. The image on the cover of the C.D. is Dancing Cranes. It is available as a limited edition and a note card. A similar, smaller print is Sun Dancers, also by Monte Dolack.



Monte Dolack Fine Art — features the art work of Montana artists Monte Dolack and Mary Beth Percival.