Monte Dolack Fine Art

Carapace - Black & White

By Monte Dolack

Size: Image 11.25" X 15.5" - Paper 15" x 19.5"
Edition size: 50
Year: 1994


This intricate hand drawn stone lithograph features the shell of a turtle (carapace is the name for the shell of turtles and other vertebrates with shells, as well as some arthropods). Surrounding the shell are symbols of the many ways that turtles have been represented in cultures around the world.  The symbols include sea turtles, cave paintings and the depiction of turtle imagery in instruments and rituals.

This fine art piece was printed on a flatbed lithography printing press by Tom Shreve in Missoula Montana on Arches white paper. This lithograph is also available as a hand colored lithograph.

The framed study for this lithograph is also available.


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Monte Dolack Fine Art — features the art work of Montana artists Monte Dolack and Mary Beth Percival.