Monte Dolack Fine Art

Cabin Fever-Print

By Monte Dolack

Image size: 21" X 31"
Year: 1997
Edition size: 20


This print which is part of the Invader Series, reproduced from an acrylic painting was first released as a limited edition of 25 prints. By popular demand it was released as a poster.

"Cabin fever started out as a still life with the principle elements my prized #6 Winston fly rod and my father's old basket creel. Painting in the winter, it evolved to  became a bit more mysterious and surreal with several  different species of trout as well as an angler fishing in the moonlight. The fishing fly called a 'stimulator' is from my tackle box, and is popular and successful on many Montana rivers. The painting could also be subtitled 'A Stimulator of the Imagination'. - Monte Dolack

This image is also available as a note card.

The image is 21" x 31" and the paper is 26" x 37".

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