Monte Dolack Fine Art

Tom's Place (Rock Creek)

By Monte Dolack

Image size: 38 x 48
Framed size: 38 x 48
Year: 2024


This acrylic on canvas painting was completed by Monte Dolack in 2024 and is part of a private collection. Read the artist statement below:

"Rock Creek is a pristine freestone stream that runs 50 miles from near Philipsburg to its mouth on the Clark Fork River near Missoula Montana. It is considered a blue ribbon cold water fishery as well home to a wide array of birds and animals. Most of the large apex wild mammals that can still be found in the United States live along the lush riparian stream and canyons and mountains that border this treasure.

My friend Tom Anderson who is the bassist for our band Out of Sight considers it one of the most special places he has encountered in his life. Tom and I and our band members have spent many memorable hours playing music, fishing and hiking this magnificent natural treasure."

Monte Dolack 2024





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