Monte Dolack Fine Art

Missouri River Suite

This series of four hand-pulled lithographs, the Upper Missouri River Suite. includes  The Bishops, Floating the Missouri, Cottonwood on the Missouri and Missouri River Breaks Monte was inspired to paint this series through the memory of fishing trips on the Missouri river with his father as a young boy. The series is available for purchase of all four images at a discounted price of $350. Please contact Monte Dolack Fine Art at 800 825-7613 for more information.

These prints are high tech fusion prints using modern presses with a variety of techniques, some old some very new. Instead of stone, Monte used Mylar and got the same, perhaps finer continuous tone. These prints are 26 colors, 26 separate plates, 22 of them all hand drawn.

First three small paintings were used as a guide. Monte and Mary Beth spent four days up the Missouri River in mid-October sketching and photographing for research.

Monte created four color photo mechanical separations of each painting and then processed them in Photoshop to a four color gray tone and screened them back to 30% of full tonal value. He then printed that on an open surface fine art 100% rag paper. This gave him a base to work from that was ghostly but provided an undertone. Then using a light table and referring to his small reference paintings, he hand drew on the Mylar each of the next colors over the course of two months. Every week or two he would would drive to Great Falls and put four of them on the 40 inch Hiedelberg offset press after processing the Mylars by exposing them to positive working photo sensitive plates. This captured the grain of his drawing onto the plate.

These prints were all printed on one master sheet and then hand torn into the three separate deckle edged prints. A lot of work and an effort was put forth to bring together the techniques of stone lithography and modern printing that he used for his early posters. Bill Cady at Advanced Litho in Great Falls helped underwrite the project because he was interested and curious about this process.


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