Monte Dolack Fine Art

Teton Autumn-Print

By Monte Dolack

Image size: 13 x 14.5" paper size 15.25 x 15.5"
Year: 2014

This archival digital limited edition print has been reproduced from the original painting Teton Autumn.   A framed selection of studies of this print were also created. This image has been included in the book Painters of Grand Teton National Park by Donna and James Poulton.

Teton Autumn

“Mary Beth and I drove south from Missoula, down through Yellowstone and to the Tetons, in the autumn light of late September. Fall appeared to be coming on fast and I wanted to be there for the peak colors of autumn foliage. Ravens watched over us in the early afternoon as we pulled into Coulter Bay where we were to spend several nights. A storm was approaching and we photographed and sketched with thoughts toward future paintings. I made some little drawings of the view over Jackson Lake and took many photos of the changing light as we drove up and down the Snake River valley. The next day the mountains disappeared under a curtain of clouds and rain.

Later back in my studio I started work on what would become Teton Autumn. The composition evolved using elements of various locations we had observed. They included a glowing aspen grove with a backlit mountain silhouette, together with a mysterious raven, precariously perched on a winding, spindly pine snag which provided excellent balcony seating for the panoramic view.”

Monte Dolack 11/13/14



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