Monte Dolack Fine Art

Animal Bridge (P-22's Legacy)

By Monte Dolack

Image size: 68 x 36
Framed size: 74 x 42
Year: 2023


In 2022 Monte Dolack was asked to create a painting for a major wildlife crossing bridge currently being built north of Los Angeles over ten lanes of the busy California Highway 101.  According to Dolack the Animal Bridge painting (P-22's Legacy) imaginatively portrays the future Annenburg Wildlife Crossing which is currently under construction- and honors famous mountain lion P-22 who has been the inspiration for the crossing.

"My painting gives symbolic form to what will become the largest wildlife crossing bridge in the world.  I worked with private donors and the National Wildlife Federation to make this painting as well as an edition of 200 limited edition prints which can be purchased from Save LA Cougars" Monte Dolack 2024

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The Animal Bridge (P-22's Legacy) painting is part of a private collection





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