Monte Dolack Fine Art

French Suite

France has always been synonymous with romance and art. This French Suite series reproduced four paintings from a trip to France in 2008. Included are enchanting and alluring landscapes of the French countryside, Burgundy Fields and Burgundy Chapel, a Provencal café and a captivating image of the famous lion sculptures on the bridge at Arles, Lions of Arles. A discounted price of $400 is offered with the purchase of the entire series. 

Traveling and Painting

My wife, business partner and fellow artist, mary Beth Percival and I share a keen interest in journal-keeping and making plein aire paintings and drawings on location. The Montana landscape remains one orf our most significant sources of inspiration. Traveling beyond Montana to France, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Egypt, Japan and Mexico ignites sparks of innovation for our works as well. By making a series of paintings in the security and comfort of my studio upon our return form our travels, it helps me process these unique experiences. I base these works on oservation, journal notes, sketches and photographs. 

I love creating narrative works that explore encounters in nature and the human world. I personalize these images by inventing my own scenarios and symbols to represent cultural and social influences. Color, composition and drama are also important considerations in my paintings. These works are created using layer upon layer of thin acrylic paint glazes, although in some of the newer pieces I have introduced an under-painting with heavy texture using acrylic mediums and collage. A visit to the 18,000-year old cave paintings of Lascaux in France several years ago helped inspire some of this work.

Monte Dolack, March 23, 2010


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